About Rainbow

Rainbow is an organization designed to teach girls leadership, public speaking, project management, teamwork and interpersonal communication – all vital skills for a young woman in today’s world. We help develop poise, confidence and self-esteem. We also offer our members the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents and the opportunity to travel and develop lasting friendships with young women just like themselves all over our state and country.

The History of Rainbow

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls was founded in 1922 by Rev. W. Mark Sexton in McAlester, Oklahoma. Since that time we have grown to have jurisdictions in most of the 50 states and several countries. The lessons of our Order teach our members to live a life based on seven priniciples: Love, Religion, Nature, Immortality, Fidelity, Patriotism and Service. The lessons are represented in the Assembly by the seven colors of the Rainbow. At the center of our Assembly is the Holy Bible, reminding us that it is through Faith, Hope and Charity that we can succeed at all things. While the lessons of our Order are based upon the lessons of the Bible, we are not a religious organization. Our members worship in the church of their choice. And while we are a private organization who holds our ceremonies sacred, we are not a secret organization. We encourage parents and guardians to attend meetings and participate in all of our activities with their daughter.

Who Can Join?

The organization is divided into two age groups. The first is the International Order of the Rainbow for girls, which has members from the ages of 11 to 20. The second is a Pledge organization designed for girls from the ages of 8 to 10. We meet regularly twice a month, and have additional fun and service activities. The activities range from trips to the zoo, slumber parties and Barbeques; to visiting nursing homes and making care packages for our troops. We have many great adults who work with the girls to help choose the activities, and make sure they are well organized and supervised. Our yearly dues are very small, and we work hard to offset the cost of all of our activities.

How Do I Get involved?

To become a member of a Rainbow Assembly, find an assembly in your area, or send us a message and we’ll put you in touch!